My Services


Psychoeducational Assessment

If you or your child is struggling to demonstrate their potential, an assessment may help to identify areas of strength and challenge so you know better where to focus supports.

All assessments include a very detailed report with all results and recommendations, all explained to you in great detail.

As well, if nutrition support is appropriate, these recommendations will be included. 


Parent Coaching

If you are searching for ways to support your children with behaviour and/or eating, parent coaching may be of great benefit.

In my years supporting families, I have found that coaching parents on ways to change the "dance" we have with our children is much more successful in making change than simply bringing a child in for counselling.

Most children know what they should be doing but need the support from a loving caregiver to be able to shine.



Throughout the year, I offer various different psychoeducational groups to support things like feeding your family's brains and bodies and nutritional support for attention challenges.

In addition to running these courses out of my practice, I am available to come speak on such topics at your place of work or to parent groups.


Nutritional Psychology Counselling

As my practice has evolved and changed, I no longer provide individual counselling to children and adolescents.

My current focus in individual sessions  is to provide Nutritional Psychology Counselling to support all ages with mental health and physical symptoms.

You may wish to seek Nutritional Coaching for:

  • Sleep challenges

  • Support for mental health to either avoid medication, take a smaller dose of medication, or to taper off of medication

  • Optimal brain/body function and emotional regulation

  • Hormone support/balance

  • For specific diagnoses such as ADHD/learning challenges, anxiety, depression, autism, etc.