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Calgary's children are worse off from fluoride cessation program. Really??!

Updated: May 1, 2019

Good day. I thought I’d write about fluoride this month given the new study released stating that Calgary’s children are ‘suffering’ as a result of fluoride cessation in our water supply.

Below are links to the news report, the actual study, and a critique of the study (respectively) for your perusal.




I think the above article is a good critique and takes the ‘scare’ out of the news headlines. It also reminds us to take the press’s reporting with a grain of salt as they are really just trying to make headlines when there obviously aren’t any. I will not critique the study further. Instead, I want to take some time to educate my readers on the effects of fluoride so that you are educated consumers and can advocate for your family’s health.

My concerns with fluoride started when I would go to get my teeth cleaned and they would offer fluoride at the end of the cleaning. Being a good dentist’s daughter, “Of course!” would be my reply. I would immediately feel sick to my stomach. Then my daughter started having the same reaction. Now our response to the question of fluoride is, “NO THANKS!!”

Studies have shown repeatedly that there are effects on children’s brain development, childhood IQ, and hyperactivity as a result of the toxic effects of fluoride (see www.healthfulliving.org and the link to a report by the Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility). Additionally, fluoride has been shown to inhibit the stomach’s ability to produce HCl (needed to digest our food, especially protein) and also produce allergy and skin reactions in some (Julie Matthews, Nourishing Hope for Autism, ADHD, Learning and Development Delays). Finally, fluoride can have a toxic effect on thyroid hormone function (Strunecha, Anna, et. al. AlFx: the useful tool in laboratory investigations, but potential danger for humans. Department of Physiology and Developmental Biology, Czech Republic). My mother’s doctor has been commenting on the fact that now that more people are eating sea salt rather than iodized commercial salt, she is seeing more thyroid issues. I wonder if it is more the effect of having been exposed to so much fluoride over our lifetimes?

It has been noted that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has laws preventing this toxic waste fluoride (hydrofluorosilicic acid) from being dumped into the environment. If it’s not safe to do that, why are we worried about putting it into our drinking water?

I think our focus needs to be on better ways to care for our dental hygiene. As parents, we need to take the few extra minutes each night and make sure that our children are brushing and flossing. I have some concerns about what is in commercial, fluoridated toothpastes so I have included this article to discuss those things as well as a recipe for making your own toothpaste.


If this is too much, there are lots of brands of toothpastes that do not contain fluoride or any of the other harmful chemicals listed above. We have been using Jason’s brand in our household for years, and if anything, my children have had no cavities since. Just go to your local health food store or the ‘Organics’ aisle in stores like Superstore, to find these brands of toothpaste. We have also changed our diet and are eating more whole and nutrient-dense foods and less processed sugars. It is important that our bodies get the fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin D and K2, as well as the minerals magnesium and calcium from our food, to ensure our dental health.

I hope this article helps to introduce the concerns about fluoride so that you can make the best decisions for your family from an educated perspective. If you are interested in speaking further about this topic or getting support for yourself and/or your family in more whole foods based eating, please contact me via my website –

- or at 403.922.4122.

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